It is a small device through which you can enjoy the stuff available on iTunes, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Youtube and favorite sports leagues on the big TV screens. A huge collection of movies, TV shows, games and music are now can be watched with this device. To get your Apple TV Jailbreak the following instructions have to be followed accordingly. You also need a USB to make it happen.

1ST Step

To start this activity creates a folder on the Desktop with the name of Patchstick. Then by the following link download atv-win.

Save it in the folder you just have created.

2ND Step

Make a double click to open atv-win-3.0. zip file and put the atv-win executable into that folder.


3RD Step

Make a double click on atv-win-3.0.exe to launch this application.


4TH Step

Select the latest version of firmware OS 3.0.1 and select SSH from the check boxes below. Click on Create Patchstick button to carry on with the process.



5TH Step

Now you will be asked to save an image file to a location. Save it in the folder you have created in the first step and give it name atv-pachstick.img.


6Th Step

The newest Apple TV firmware will be downloaded by atv-win to build the image file.



7Th Step

You will be informed that patchstick image has been created successfully. Click on the OK button to continue with it.


8TH Step

Click on Yes button when will be asked “would you like to run USB Image Tool now?”


9TH Step

Select you USB device from the left and click on ‘Restore’ button at the bottom.


10TH Step

Select atv-Patchstick.img file you have created from Patchstick folder.


11TH Step

Click on ‘Yes’ button when asked “do you want to restore image”. This action would remove all other data present on the USB.


12TH Step

USB Image Tool would now create your patchstick using the image file generated earlier.


13TH Step

When the restore process gets complete disconnects the USB and connects it with Apple TV.


14TH Step

After connecting USB to the Apple TV holds down Menu and – buttons on the remote until it starts to reboot.

15TH Step

Patchstick would now perform its job and install SSH on your Apple TV.

16TH Step

When it gets complete remove the USB and unplugs the device. Plug it in again to reboot.

17TH Step

Now you can enjoy your Apple TV more than before. Via SSH access your Apple TV to perform functions and hacks. The username for the Apple TV is now frontrow and password is also frontrow.


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