To watch the entertainment on a wide high definition TV Screen Apple Company has introduced its TV device in 2007 and then 2nd generation Apple TV of comparatively small size at quite economical rate became available for the customers in 2010. To jailbreak it the following steps need to be followed. It is a tethered Jailbreak process.

1ST Step

To start it you have to download the most updated version of Seas0npass from the following link.


2ND Step

Unzip the archive and launch it with a double click.


3RD Step

Click on ‘Create IPSW’ option present on the screen.


4TH Step

Latest Apple TV firmware file would then start to be downloaded.


5TH Step

A custom IPSW file thus will be created.


6TH Step

When custom IPSW file is created you are asked to connect Apple TV2G to the computer with a micro USB cable. With the remote you have to shift Apple TV2G to DFU mode and for this you need to keep press two buttons of MENU and PLAY/PAUSE at the same time for 10 seconds. It is possible that Apple TV may take few tries to get into DFU mode so keep trying.


7TH Step

After getting in to DFU mode some files will get uploaded by Seas0nPass and also launch iTunes automatically then finally restoring to the new firmware.





To boot Apple TV2G the instructions has been given below.

8TH Step

You need to launch Seas0nPass by making a double click on its icon.


9TH Step

Make selection of Boot Tethered from the menu.


10TH Step

Once again connect Apple TV2G by using USB then keep MENU and PLAY/PAUSE buttons of the remote press for 10 seconds.


11TH Step

After detecting the TV in DFU mode Seas0nPass would start to boot.


12TH Step

At the completion of Tethered Boot you can use the TV with liberty because Jailbreak has been successfully done you can Connect HDM


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