The outlook of iPad3 is very much like the previous version of Apple’s iPad but has some fantastic new features. The display is the first thing that differentiates it as it is more vivid and you can experience the vision in detail. Better and modern processor, weightier, camera of 5MP and sensor on the front side are visible features to judge. New updated operating system iOS5.1.1 also makes it special. The Retina Display and improved functionality of the device are very impressive for the people.

To carry out an untethered jailbreak on iPad3 simply follow the instructions given below. Backup of the device in iTunes is must to avoid any untoward happening.

1ST Step

You have to download the latest Absinthe version from the following link.


2ND Step

Take out the archive from the zipped file.


3RD Step

Make a double click on absinthe-win-2.0.exe.


With this action a new folder absinthe-win-2.0 will be created.


Now open this folder and launch absinthe.exe


4Th Step

Connect iPad3 to the computer by using USB and delete all the pass codes and VPN settings if you have set any.


5TH Step

Click on the jailbreak button and begin the process.


6TH Step

The process would get complete after few steps.

Beginning of Jailbreak


Sending Initial Data to Jailbreak


Sending Final Jailbreak Data would take place


Now you would have to wait for reboot


Let the process get complete


7TH Step

On the completion of the Jailbreak on iOS5.1.1 intimation will be generated on the screen.


8TH Step

Cydia would get appear on the springboard within few moments.


*You can go through the process once again in case of any issue in the procedure but make sure that you have backup of the device every time you start the Jailbreak of iPad3.

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