The following steps would take you to the liberty of Jailbreak on iPod Touch2G. RedSn0w for Windows is used to jailbreak on 4.2.1 firmware in the following steps to enjoy the restriction free usage of iPod Touch2G. iPod Touch2G is ultra slim and light weight fun machine. Great number of photos and songs can be stored into it. Three various storage capacities are available in this apple device. It is more environment friendly with its new features. Large display of iPod Touch2G makes it fantastic to experience the fun. With 17 languages it has made things easy for its users of different parts of the world. Dictionaries of 19 languages are also installed in the iPod Touch2G. It is a fun box to entertain its users.

1ST Step

Create a folder on the desktop with the name ‘Pwnage’. Now you have to download RedSn0w from the following link and put it in the newly created folder.


Now you need to download the most updated 4.2.1 firmware from the following link and place it in the same folder.

4.2.1 firmware

Now you take the RedSn0w executable from the zip file and place in the same folder.


2ND Step

Now to launch iTunes connect your iPod Touch2G with the computer.


From the list of devices select your iPod Touch2G. Then click on the restore button and keep the shift button pressed. This activity is given priority as it wouldn’t create any unnecessary space on the device.

Get to The Pwnage folder on the desktop of computer and select 4.2.1 ipsw. Click on the choose button to carry on with the procedure.


3RD Step

When the iTunes get completed updating process of the iPod Touch2G to the desired firmware then open the Pwnage folder to launch the RedSn0w application from the folder of RedSn0w.


4TH Step

Click on the Browse button when RedSn0w gets open.


5TH Step

From The Pwnage folder selects the 4.2.1 ipsw and click open.


6TH Step

Click the Next Button to continue when the verification of firmware is done.


7TH Step

Now RedSn0w gets prepared to jailbreak data.


8TH Step

Now you have to check the options of jailbreak from the window appear on the screen of computer.


Do not get entangled in the number of options and check the ‘Install Cydia’ option necessarily. Also check the Custom boot logo and Custom recovery logo options. When you check the each custom logo option you are asked to select the image so you simply need to select an appropriate one for each of the two. Keep in mind the rules for boot logo i.e. RGB or GrayScale format with Alpha channel and dimension of 320*480.

If you do not need the multitasking facility then do not select it when RedSn0w offers it, this feature makes your iPod Touch function slow.

Click on the next button to carry on.


9TH Step

Turn off your iPod Touch2G and plug it into the computer. Click on the Next button now.


10TH Step

To get into the DFU mode RedSn0w would assist you for various steps.


For up to 10seconds keep the Home and Power button pressed.


After 10 seconds you should release the Power button but keep the Home button pressed till RedSn0w gets to the device.


11TH Step

Now you need to wait for Reboot of iPod Touch2G.


12TH Step

New RAM Disk and Kernel will be uploaded by the RedSn0w.


13TH Step

RedSn0w would intimate you when it is done. Then you need to click on the Finish button. In 5 minutes or so your iPod Touch2G is jailbroken and Cydia would appear on the springboard of your iPod Touch2G.


*Now you can enjoy the liberty of your iPod Touch2G.

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