Zodiachus: The Zodiac At Your Fingertips

What’s your sign?

Wed anger. Frustration. No, this has nothing to do with my shield. It has everything to do with the placement of advertising extremely annoying in this application. I loved the features of this widget and I can advertise standard bar you see in many free applications to ignore. But I can not ignore it in your face, autostart video advertising. I want peace and quiet, to sit down when I read my horoscope, but I can not have that with this app. Once you press the horoscope section of the user blasted with a video. The minute you touch the video, go to a page of advertising on the Web. Only then can you really read your horoscope. This is a huge turn off for me. I understand the application developers are in it to make money, and those that require ads are free, but I do not understand the need for involuntary treatment. It makes the application ugly.

The application itself is great. There are a lot of valuable information there about the different characters. When a user accesses the character he is to go to another screen. It’s a pretty good description of nature. There is a list of strengths, weaknesses, which are compatible and not compatible with the quality, color, flower, element, and various other information. It is easy to use and understand, but I can not advertisements. It is therefore easy mistake I will not use this application as a daily horoscope.

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