Yelp: I Yelp, You Yelp, We all Yelp for Yelp

Now everybody knows where you are and where < / div> Wed Yelp is defined as a loud, sharp bark or cry. This is not what I think when I think of the iPhone application. I do yell at my friends and family HEY! Over here! LOOK! Look where I am! but I would not necessarily call that a cry. When I think of art, I think a dog crying in pain. Whatever decision is why the developers of this app called Yelp, it is certainly preparing for their benefit. Yelp has thousands of users worldwide. He has made many lists iTunes Top throughout his life. There must be a reason, and it is. took

developers Yelp, can you hear me now Verizon and VH1s where they are now, and repressed in this little app. Hello! I’m here! Can you see me? N? What now? Check my Facebook, check my Twitter, check, change their Yelp. I’m here. I promise you.

stupidity aside, I love Yelp. Not that I really need another social networking tool, but in fairness, is another. Can I plant in a location and leave all my Yelp, Twitter and Facebook list, where I am. Of course, there are times when this situation turns around, as I recently received a text from a cousin of why I was in town and his visit was not! OOPS!

I have to buy with Yelp for about a month. When it first came out, or when I heard, not sure which came first, I could not find anything to me (I thank you from small town America). I do not know what happened between the changes from then until now. Now I have almost everything that can be seen as so close to me within the radius of Yelp. I can not act itself, as I say, I can also write the place I visit, bookmark my favorites, and there’s even a section for sales and special offers. Bonus!

For those who do not want to share with Facebook and Twitter, you can disable these settings.

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