World Record Texting Speed App – iTextFast

SHA publishes iTextFast

Apps for iPhone / iPod touch this sixth Wednesday, April 2011. iTextFast lets users know how fast they can text the abbreviation and phrases popular with world record sales of Guinness Book of World Records for consideration SMS rate. Users will have the chance to see how fast they can text words and phrases like: omg, ttyl, OMW in the house, the alphabet and much more. The application also provides rankings game center, where users compare notes with other users worldwide. You may even be able to see how they compared to the record holder of SMS.

At each level, trying to give the user the text of a word or phrase as fast as they can. You can see the text for the click level and ready. A timer starts the countdown 3 Once he reads GO!, The user must type in a text box at the bottom of the screen and start typing. After the word or phrase in the text as quickly as possible, so they have to send them or the Enter key on the keyboard in the same way if they were text messages.

If each letter is entered correctly, they are given a time and have a choice between a new attempt to get a faster time, or go to the next level. New high scores are identified and reported for each level. Enter the text correctly in each level to open the next level. Each level will increase slightly in difficulty. The final step is a paragraph in the Guinness Book of Records used to test the rates of SMS on mobile touchscreen.

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