Word Solitaire HD: Classic Solitaire game but with letters!

Word Solitaire

HD used the same concept as the classic card game of solitaire, but labeled cards instead of numbers. Users must hold a rotation, and move cards to create words and score points. Users can progress at other levels once all cards have been discovered and used all the letters were provided. Word Solitaire HD includes additional features of wildcards that are needed to represent any letter. Users also have the option card, just install without burning everywhere.

Benefits: This is a big word, is easy to use and very addictive. It is reminiscent of the classic card game Solitaire, and thus most users are already familiar with the basic rules of the game, but this tutorial is provided very useful for first time users, because the additional functions of nature, hot sun and the functioning of these points. The fast playback option for filling time and the game automatically saved, allowing users to play their final ideal position.

Disadvantages: Although Word Solitaire HD is a big word application, they could not compete with other popular word games with Scrabble and Word Abacus allowing the user to create shorter words instead of actually difficult, long word boundary. This may be the user must simply try to earn their cards, rather than eliminate words score at Scrabble. Even the background music could be improved, because it can be very annoying when playing. A big advantage of playing on a IPAD is viewing and interacting with games on the big screen and so the layout of the cards could also be improved, as currently presented only on the right side of the screen .

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