With Android Overtaking iPhone In Sales, Will Apps Be Next?

The battle between the iPhone and Android has always been a bit in my opinion, what is with the iPhone, the smartphone flagship universal appeal consider such a diverse cross-section of users have been one-sided but the quantity purchased by Android phones last year, iPhones have sold well for the first time in history.

GigaOM United States, New Smartphones Google phone subscribers accounted for 27 percent of smartphone sales United States, the Company announced this morning Nielsen, pushed beyond the 23-percent share of Apple instead. But Android is not just an American phenomenon. Canalys today believe that sales of handsets rose by 886 percent Android quarter the previous year in the world can

sudden influx due to lower prices and handset packages cheaper rent associated the current economic crisis, people want to save money on luxury items such as iPhones and still enjoy the trappings of a smartphone, such as applications, touch screen, etc. Or it could be easy Android is marketing as a real alternative to the iPhone price to meet a wide range of applications on the App Store rival 350 000 and counting.

Anyway, with the sudden conversion and new customers that Android is seen, the question is whether Android will overtake Apple in the department and applications?

Writing for Technolog, Athima Chansanchai said, The Jolly Green Robot Android Market has increased 127 percent since August and is three times higher than the growth of the App Store (44 percent) after the second report of the security company issued mobile Lookout and its App Genome Project, which analyzed more than 500,000 Android applications IOS, since the project began last summer. If this rate continues for the two markets, the report says Android Market apps will be more than the App Store have until mid-2012.

worrying figures for Apple?

Wed consumers seem more willing to empty their wallets to get Android applications on Apple, as figures showed that the market paid applications rose 22 percent in August to 34 percent this month This App Store for the decline Apps paid slightly over the same period, from 71 percent to 66 percent.

can But while the sheep bleating in Androids Door, appear to be the shepherds to remain faithful to Apple, with nearly 24,000 procedures for developers of Apple between August 2010 and February 2011 with a meager 4000 defection of Android during the same period. Maybe Android developers are somewhat more fertile?

But is this really the effort of Apple? With global empire, they have enough fingers in pies, standing, while exploring new and exciting ways, what is really important that they are the torchbearers of the digital generation, and that any new business tablet, smartphone or just an imitation of their own, white or otherwise. If the war is over Android Get a case of the pupil of the master, then Apple may be on its laurels know that their competitors got so high at rest while standing on the shoulders of giants.

What do you think? Will Android Apps iPhone, Apple will destroy the market or company and kill all enemies!

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