#Winning – Charlie Sheen iPhone App Makes Winners Of Us All

If anyone has

after the very public collapse / promotion to a higher level of Charlie Sheen, this is the program for you. For applications with tigers and blood, Adonis DNS hottest buzzword Sheen won quil times and in all areas of his life. Asked by an interview if his behavoiur erratic, it would bi-polar could be explained, he said he was bi-victory! Seriously, it’s television gold. In all cases, the words of a mobile application that all your images with the sentence, it’s day # WIN developed. Draw a hot chick? You are a winner. Around the world flight on a private jet? Certainly win. Successfully re-negotiate your contract for 3 million per episode to the previous $ 2 million to get the contrast? You win. You enjoy the Vatican assassins.

Click here to view the infamous interview with the winner to see the king himself.

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