What Are The Best iPhone 4 Apps?

Like generations of iPhones review each G promises something new and exciting, a better version of what happened. With continuous improvements will be made to the model of the original iPhone, it would not be surprised if the 5 iPhone sprout wings and float around your head while you make calls in surround sound. Well, come on launch day (and it does not seem to be for a few more months), we have to do with our iPhone 4s. IPhone 4 is a model far superior to its predecessors because it is a slippery road, more memory and a flash unit that offers, among others. But what about applications? What applications are best for the newest Apple iPhone? What will the super-silky slip of crystal pixelated screen smartphones than others in the shade?

Well, must first iMovie ($ 4.99, Apple Inc.), an application that lets you turn videography of high definition movies on your iPhone 4 are possible. The fantastic thing about iMovie is that you add your own sound effects, music, titles and themes, creating a professional style video, as if it were produced by a Hollywood studio looks like. Thank you for the unique editing software, you can on your iPhone screen 4s to the length of the clip you just shot the plate, zoom on the timeline and change themes videos on the finger. Once you have set as a young Martin Scorsese, you can share your creations with the world and publish it on iReport iMovie to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and CNN. Only 4 iPhone could face such expanded software functions from one application to maintain and so crystalline vision.

Are you more of a bookworm as a movie fan, then iBooks ($ 4.99, Apple Inc.), is definitely for you. Free to download, is the real draw for the iPhone-4 version of its beautiful clarity, are no longer burdened eyes to squint on a scintillating screen as the iPhone 4s view the retina clearly ensure that you have read for hours before you start to feel a negative effect. Can you save thousands of books from the bookstore, many of which are free downloads, so it’s basically like a library on your iPhone. You can drag your finger to turn pages, highlight text and organize your books in a certain order in your virtual library. Read’m cool.

For those adrenaline junkies out there, racing Real (4.99 $ Firemint Pty Ltd) is one of the first purchases for your iPhone 4 to see what it looks just as smooth and clear on the screen, the memories of racing games in the gallery when you were a child. You can choose either by taste or touch to control your super car around the track you race other players around the world in brand new games feature online multiplayer! should be

If you drive a real car actually warned not so inconsiderate on the roads, how can you be on the Real tracks, but if you are constantly getting lost on the road, then the application TomTom (TomTom $ 49.99) is a must. Not cheap TomTom is nearly 50 for the hole in your wallet with extremely precise instructions you get where you want to go. Available in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Great Britain and Ireland, can your iPhone 4 will show you the best route for your trip while you are responsible for making chips, has announced the names of streets and traffic information updated in real time. Oh, and in the new version 1.7 of your voice can co-pilot Homer Simpsons. What are you waiting for? do

If you can imagine its follow your trip with a selection of your favorite music reviews, then you TuneIn Radio ($ 0.99, Synsion Radio Technologies). With more than 40,000 radio stations to use, from which radiated several local AM / FM stations on your iPhone 4, then you will never be put to hum a melody to be. Some of our most popular features include power stations
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first and return within 30 minutes of streamed
Listen to podcasts of radio, if available

The developers are clearly in vogue with other music and social networking sites because TuneIn Radio allows you the Listen to artist station in about Last.fm, the website of stations and the Twitter page and see the best of all, you can buy all the songs currently playing in iTunes. A complete success for any fan of real music. see

For a long list of our favorite iPhone applications, see 100 Best iPhone Apps Ever

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