Transform time with the Rotary Ring app for the iPhone

concepts Panorama is now proud to announce the worldwide release of the application rotary ring, announcing the developed specifically for the iPhone. The app is a combination of incredible speed mobile phone designs and nostalgic memories of the 1950s-1960s.

Before downloading the application, you may be wondering why am I still dial telephones? True! In the era of mobile technology, where we videoconferencing, 3G, phone old rotation is about as useful as Morse code. Although we must not forget that the phone is always important task: making and receiving calls. This is an object of the bezel is very good and in a stylish and elegant. With this mechanism available, you may think twice whether to make the call!

“It was very exciting to develop rotary ring, because I’ve always been fascinated by the era of rotary phones. It has always been my dream to travel back in time and appreciate mechanical sense of the numbers were. As such, I asked the team concept Panorama 8 themes and especially retro style design, safe, sound effects, authentic line in building this app. J ‘ hopes that the new generation is also called cherish people towards the dial. “said Alan Kong, CEO of Panorama concepts.

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