Touch Mouse: Turn Your iPhone Into a Mouse!

right, it’s really cool, geek, despite its premise. Touch Mouse turns your iPhone into a wireless trackpad (or mouse for cool cats there) and a keyboard that is compatible with your computer. Just connect your computer to your TV so that your screen is displayed on they then touch your mouse or your Mac or PC and easily configured to control everything from the couch. The text will be displayed on your iPhone and your TV so you avoid repetitive strain injuries by constantly looking up and down everything you touch is what you are emblazoned in your TV screen! You can write e-mails, surf videos streaming, internet, play solitaire (for all PC owners, you!) Order pizza and have it delivered to your door (or your neighbors, you move not to himself, as an episode of Friends), all you really need to leave the couch to the toilet! Now if only it were an application

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