Top 5 Free Yoga Apps For iPhone

If you’ve read my previous post 5 Apps You Get Great Yoga Stretching , was found amid a list of applications that all necessary payments. Not this list. Everything on this list is 100% free. Who loves a freebie right?


first YOGA: 200 yoga poses and courses – Last Updated: October 15, 2010, a seller CORPORATION ARAWELLA src <= img alt = " -content/images/92aa5_Iphone_Apps_badge_appstore-sm.gif "" "/>

Free Yoga has been one of the app start yoga, I tried to download shortly after its release. Who knew yoga on the iPhone? I ask this question first because it really deserves the first. The app is nice and easy to use. When you open the application, you can go anywhere in my program. This is where you choose your mode. There is a quick recipe that a complete routine for beginners or quick mode, where your own application, select one of the poses in the pose of base can be created. Each posture is a male voice guides you through installation. There is also a video option, you can actually see how it is. In the basic posture, you can, from beginner, intermediate, advanced, and Guru choose poses. There are over 200 options in total. The application also includes a calendar with daily feeding.

Yoga with Tania Lite 2 – Updated: December 21, 2010 Developer: Yoga Capital Publishing Corp.

The first thing you notice when opening the free version of yoga with Tania, advertising is at the bottom of the screen of the iPhone. For some, this may be a nuisance. Besides the fact that Tania gives us a list of poses. Choose a pose, and you’ll see on the pictures to. They slide to show the flow. Press the button description and it will take in the instructions of the word. There are also advantages mentioned as well as changes to those in need. To screen description must press a button and you hear Tania give the instructions. Her voice is pleasant enough, but it seems to speak a little fast and you can tell, it reads, they do not sound natural. Tania also gives us a few clips to choose from. Press one of these will give you a picture as the picture above. You can play audio instructions that you will be guided by each individual poses as a very slow video. You can do it yourself and you hear your own music given. Yoga with Tania also allows users to adjust the speed of the sequence. For a free application, it is packed with suitable material.

third Yoga Lite – – EPR Update: November 7, 2009, Seller: Ready-to-src LLC

It was yoga has opened the application, we had an immediate warning. Most of us know the address on the check with a doctor before beginning any exercise program. However, it is a nice feature that, while annoying, some people still need to be recalled. PRT – Yoga provides the user with an initial sequence by Kathleen Kastner, who made a 30 minute period. Press the Start button we go right ahead. His voice is slow and pleasant. There is not making the video, but drag the photos on their own, as she speaks. This free version gives us three options for beginners, pranayama breathing exercises, and a greeting Sun may not be offered a lot of things about this app yoga, but it seems interesting and attractive sounds. Overall, we believe this application works very well and it is for someone who does not need, or that others have offered significant flux in another program. Basic, simple and clear.

fourth MIND BODY Yoga 3.0 Update: July 23, 2010, Location: MIND BODY Inc

What do you do if you really want to take a yoga class to work alone with an iPhone App? MIND BODY Yoga install 3.0. Install it, open it and leave it on your site and poof! It’s really that simple. In the settings you can start searching miles, a search time in class or at the end and compare different days of availability. This application is ideal for those looking for a new class, where a class of travelers, or persons employed on the move. In the application, you can view a list of categories, a list of studios and close the card. We find 14 classes to the road that we never knew existed. Fabulous, convenient, free app!

fifth Yoga Journey 3D auto lite – Published: March 8, 2011 Place: David Gilliam

In the last slot on the Top 5 Yoga Free Apps, we wanted something a little different from all other learning applications found. I think we have a good knowledge of this treasure, because I’m having a lot of people feel like this benefit. Commuters, you have no excuse. In traffic? Stressed at the same time? Try a little yoga in the car. Press the press play and the application is now available in video mode. The program lets you know that this request before trying it in the car to see. The male voice is so relaxing, but not terrible. The vote follows with the video, which, in 3D, so you can see exactly how exercise benefits your body. The music is pleasant. The free version gives you only a few minutes, but it is also worth a visit. If you are interested in the full program (since this is only a small taste), it costs only 99 cents more for a simple yoga exercises, and more fluid.

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