Top 10 Reasons To Get Rid Of Your Android Phone

Since Android is trying to take on iPhones proverbial throne for the crown smartphone, there were restaurants and fantasies about how terrible it was compared. Well, we see ourselves as a fair, open and think as to the relative merits of the iPhone opponentshowever after combing through blog after blog of angry ex-Fandroids, we thought, that’s enough! Compiled by real complaints from users of the web, here are the Top 10 reasons to get rid of your Android phone.

first Android Apps Just As Good As iPhone Arent

Here in jailbreak for iphone we ​​prefer to spend our lives to play and test iPhone applications to ensure that you get the best of the best when it s ‘acts of recommendations in the Test of a few Android applications game, usability and simple game does not compare! Unfortunately, Android!

2 is exceeded only 3 home screens

With Android, iPhone sales, the question is, applications will be next? Well, it does not matter if they do, because he can run only three native applications on the screen, so you must be very selective!


You always need the latest applications

Not just the applications not the same quality as the iPhone, you need to update almost every day to find the best performance of them. This can only be about 10 seconds per application, but if you fill your home screens (all three of them!), So it can become quite the chore.

fourth, it requires the installation of a hard reset on Gmail!

OK, this is the number one bugbear in my opinion. If you want to install a new Gmail on your Android phone, then the official solution Androids is a hard reset on your phone, seem to lose all its data and settings causes! Are you kidding? That would drive me crazy !!!!

fifth Android can not record a call

now archaic Nokia 110 has the functionality to make a call, record when you turn it on. An Android phone requires a core and a customization file APK, to meet this basic requirement. Private detectives look

sixth Android Battery Life Sucks

Much has

poor battery iPhone, but Android is not better! If you think it’s a walk, listen to some tunes and check out some voicemail messages, you’ll be stuck with a dead phone with no access to Google Maps to your home! (It is probably needed updating anyway)

seventh Android Touch Typing interface is terrible

If you go to decent accuracy with touch screen, not an Android phone. Unless of course you want is in our case the next 15 Funny Car Corrects wrong.

eighth Incoming caller Second Android causes

Crash Oh, and I think I’ll go to the park and later hanged organize, Ive got another call coming ticket. – Click … Android Yes, it’s very, very angry

9 Android Suppresses error messages

Android Many users have a default interest that the messages on their phone at random, they don have not marked for deletion means deletes reported. This can help to free the memory, but it would be nice to have some control over matter.

10th Android is simply not an iPhone!

OK, so we have now, but youve got the hand of Apple when it comes to the same class of their products. want to check out Android seeks only a little geeky brother to catch up with the big boys are

Are you still not convinced, and remains a staunch Android, then 7 reasons why you should not iPhone laugh a little.

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