What is Jailbreaking a iPod Touch/iPhone?!

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How To Perform a Soft Reset on your iPhone

Ok, the title of this recommendation may seem something of a bad porn movie, (I know what you people think, Is there such a thing as a bad porn? Stop it.), but can be a very useful opportunity for you, every little inconvenience on your iPhone without having to go through the rigmarole is to restore the factory settings and reboot to correct it. If you phone has a screen lock or clay or experienced technical difficulties, try a soft reset by pressing the home and sleep button at the same time as the screen s’ off with a white flash, hold, until the screen again and you even have a soft reset iPhone, fix bugs and smaller troubles is to make you explain what you were on safari (see Research Seriously, stop, youll go blind, or at least run a bill roaming large.)

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