Topple: Loads Of Fun, Addictive And Just A Little Bit Silly


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5 Very Silly iPhone Apps To Get You Through Monday

Have you ever felt as if something so you do all day? If this day is usually on Mondays?! The beginning of the week often begins with a fuzzy head and a feeling of apprehension when you consider that the next five days before the weekend so that we all rely on a little something to help us get through. Well, no need to sneak shots of whiskey bottle in the office or sassy moves on a cigarette in the school, in turn, raises, as here are five applications for the iPhone incredibly stupid help you until Monday!

get a Unicorn

Disco – $ 1.99 Updated: December 29, 2010, current version: 1.2 Vendor: Unicorn Labs, LLC

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Have you ever shared a dance with Frankenstein, Mona Lisa and a monkey dance? Thought. If you want to live again, this wonderful night (it was on Charlie Sheen’s house, perhaps?), Then all you have to do is download Unicorn Disco, an application that uses characters from the library of images created on your iPhone and then dancing around your own playlist. Justification for a photo app with a music application that guarantees fun hilarious to brighten your day!

Mouth Off 2nd – $ 0.99 Update : October 1, 2010 Latest version: 2.5.4, Seller: ustwo

fun little application that lets you use your iPhone into a set of lips you wouldnt want to turn your worst enemy. For your iPhone from the mouth and the activation of the application, a set of lips (selected from a wide range) appear and move in time, your speech, singing, shouting or laughingtrust me, this is a cry!

Moron Test 3 – $ 0.99 Updated: February 12, 2011, current version: 4.2, Seller: BERKELEY Malagon

If you’ve always wanted prove you are a genius (or, alternatively, but not an idiot), then now is your chance! Moron test for iPhone is a fun little application that you through a series of puzzles and challenges your intelligence, common sense and interest rate on the idiot meter is a challenge! A good way to kill time, this stupid puzzle, you head into a spin and laugh with your friends on your answers!

4 pillow pet Free, Updated: August 24, 2010, current version: 3.0.1, Seller: TMSOFT

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Beans last night?

There are few things funnier than when someone breaks wind inappropriate for the comic effect of a fart at the wrong time transcends age, race and sex and people from all walks of life in stitches have, wherever you are. Well, now you can use, performance comedy simulated in an iPhone application with the familiar sound of a cushion fart fart noise as one of a poor, unsuspecting debt victimand best of all, c is free!

$ 0.99 , Updated: February 25, 2011, current version: 1.1, Manufacturer: Martin Harte Technologies BlueBear

If Ever wondered what you would if you were born with red hair, well, theres an iPhone App whatsoever. Replace the hair on your photos for a ginger-colored Barnet and see what you want to appear to redheadyou never know, you might love it!

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