UNTETHERED 4.2.1 Jailbreak Greenpois0n RC5 B4 How To Guide – iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad | Win & Mac

The untethered Jailbreak for 4.2.1 with Greenpois0n has been fixed with almost not flaw this time. The Jailbreak is as easy as it was before, maybe not as easy as Jailbreakme.com, but still, barely any work. Follow the instructions below. 1. Download Greenpois0n RC5 B4 for Windows or Mac from www.Greenpois0n.com 2. Restore your iDevice to 4.2.1 (if you need to preserve your baseband and you require and unlock DO THAT with TinyUmbrella) 3. Open up Greenpois0n 4. Connect your iDevice and make sure your computer recognizes it. 5. Go into DFU through Greenpois0n, follow the steps on screen. 6. After you are in DFU, hit “Jailbreak” on Greenpois0n 7. Your phone will do a bunch of crazy stuff, let it sit until it restarts and finishes. 8. Connect to Wifi 9. Open up your loader app, that you have now on your homescreen. 10. Download Cydia. 11. CONGRATZ! Greenpois0n RC5 B4 www.Greenpois0n.com 4.2.1 Firmware(for any reason you need it) www.felixbruns.de Supported iDevices: – iPod Touch 2G (all bootroms) – iPod Touch 3G – iPod Touch 4G – iPad 1G – iPhone 3Gs (all bootroms) – iPhone 4 – iPhone 4 Verizon (_not_tested_) – AppleTV 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check out the show sponsor: www.iPhone4Forum.net Follow on Twitter www.Twitter.com/Phil_Synowiec PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!

RecognizeMe: Facial Recognition Software for iPhone Released onto Cydia

Earlier, we reported that a request

face recognition has been in the works for iPhone. Originally, I was skeptical about whether it really was, but it seems that when he was released on Cydia for $ 6.99.

RecognizeMe uses the iPhone / iPod 4G 4 front facing camera for you to unlock your iPhone / iPod Touch with your face. You train the software to the application included in the download, see your face. Here is a video showing the application: class

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the RecognizeMe be downloaded for $ 6.99 BigBoss repo.

style p <= "text-align: Description: / p> blockquote style p <=" text-align: RecognizeMe is the first Face Detection for IOS. I recognize iOS works with all 4.x +, and based on the screen lock code. RecognizeMe uses the front facing camera on theiPhone4 iPod 4G / (well, it works well with 2 theiPad ajailbreakis if ever found!) Train single application included, so you have even light on your face, you configure a lockscreen password and you're good to go! Thresholds for the test is adjustable, and you can add / remove groups biometric anytime. (I think 3 sets of optimal, even with the light on the faces below, environmental conditions, and light)

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iOS 4.1 Jailbreak iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G, & iPad Release Date | SHAtter & Greenpois0n

So the Chronic Dev Team has finally announced when the new, iOS 4.1 Jailbreak for new devices will be out. This is the Jailbreak we have all been waiting for as owners of the new devices that Apple released in the past few months. This means you will be able to Jailbreak iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G, and the iPad. Now we will be able to enjoy all of the new features the 4.1 firmware offers. Proximity sensor fix, Game Center, and more! This release has been long awaited and it is almost here! The Greenpois0n Jailbreak will be released on October 10, 2010, thats 10/10/10. Guess what? It will also be live at 10:10:10 AM GMT so stay tuned and I’ll have a video up shortly after release. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check out the show sponsor: www.iPhone4Forum.net Follow on Twitter www.Twitter.com/Phil_Synowiec PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!

Greenpois0n iOS 4.1 Jailbreak OFFICIAL HOW TO VIDEO | iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G, 3G, 2G, iPad, 3GS

Greenpois0n RC4 has been released and it WORKS! Now this is an updated version to the RC2 build which fixed the Ramdisk error. So now, if you couldn’t find Cydia on your Springboard / Homescreen before, it should work now. Make sure you are updated to the latest build of Greenpois0n for the most effective Jailbreak. Instructions: 1. Download Greenpois0n www.Greenpois0n.com 2. Plug in your Device. 3. Turn your device off. 4. Open Greenpois0n and click “Prepare To Jailbreak (DFU)” 5. Follow the steps on the screen to put into DFU mode. 6. Click “Jailbreak” and let time fly. 7. After a minute or two, and after your device has rebooted, you should see a “Loader” App Icon. 8. Connect to Wifi 9. Open “Loader” and tap “Cydia” then “Install Cydia” 10. Device will Reboot, Congratz, you are now Jailbroken. This release of greenpois0n supports: – iPhone 4 – iPhone 3G S – iPod touch (4th Generation) – iPod touch (3rd Generation) – iPad – iPod Touch (2nd Generation MC & MB) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check out the show sponsor: www.iPhone4Forum.net Follow on Twitter www.Twitter.com/Phil_Synowiec PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!

Jailbreak 4.3.3 UNTETHERED iPhone, iPod Touch, And iPad

The Following Devices Are Currently Supported (more coming soon): iPod Touch 4G (4th Gen) iPhone 4 iPhone 3gs OLD BOOTROM iPod Touch 3G iPad *EDIT: NEW BOOTROM FOR 3GS SHOULD NOW WORK!* 4.1/4.0.2/3.2.2 1. Download Limera1n: www.limera1n.com Mirror Beta 4: www.youtube.com 2. Connect one of the devices above to your computer. 3. Close iTunes, if it keeps popping up thats okay, OPEN Limera1n.exe (what you downloaded) 4. Click “Make it ra1n” in Limera1n WHILE YOUR DEVICE IS CONNECTED! 5. Limera1n will ask you to put your device in DFU mode, don’t worry, its easy, Hold your Home + Power Button (circle and top button on your device), once Limera1n tells you to let go of the power button, DO IT, but keep holding the home (circle) button. 6. Your Device should do a few things, then you should have an icon on your homescreen called “Limera1n”, Get on Wifi, and open it. 7. Inside the Limera1n app, you shold see a “Cydia” option, tap it, then tap the option in the top right corner, this should install Cydia, YOUR DONE! IF YOU DONT SEE CYDIA AFTER INSTALLING IT IN THE Limera1n APP ON YOUR DEVICE, TURN YOUR DEVICE ON AND OFF! Sorry for making this one a little late guys, there was confusion on the release date, I was setting up my sleep schedule for the other Jailbreak haha. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check out the show sponsor: www.iPhone4Forum.net Follow on Twitter www.Twitter.com/Phil_Synowiec PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!