Parents! TouchyBooks Are Giving Away 25 Free Children’s Books!

can learn to read one of the most interesting experiences in childhood and exciting, that children are entitled to a whole new world of literature, children and adults can be opened. The iPhone and iPad have more fun playing the interactive nature of the touch screen to get involved with the children’s book.

The new app TouchyBook is more than just a soft children’s book, and his entire English bookstore in App. Available in different languages ​​(English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian and Japanese to come), TouchyBooks offers parents a variety of children’s books to download, in many genres. Some are free, others you must pay, but it saves you trawling through the Internet looking for individual books. The books are really fantastic, with beautiful illustrations and drag and drop interactive technology, to maintain the child (and parents!) Warning.

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For those of you who are too late to get your book free choice to give, do not worry you TouchyBooks few selected books, if you download the application!

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10 Excellent iPhone Apps For New Parents

was the baby. He or she is sleeping and not sleeping, feeding, feeding, and then used to cry a lot, often requires winding and is a constant source of worry for the new parent. In fact, as a first time mom, I often find myself on the phone to my own mother or baby googling randomly selected subjects in the middle of the night. What is colic? Where can I find baby massage courses? Is this a rash worry?

In the first months of parenthood has become my iPhone as a constant companion, filled with a growing number of requests for help with information, files on feeding my baby and keep in touch with family and friends. Among them, Ive had ten applications, which really helped me through the first three months in the hope they may prove useful to other new moms and dads here in the United Kingdom.

first Pregnancy and Baby Care Bounty – released Free, May 27, 2010 at 8:20 p.m. Developer London Limited.

Bounty, the people behind the free sample packs that you receive during your visits to the midwife or the hospital, also have an iPhone free application articles and videos of parents in the United Kingdom about their first month to help a baby wrapped created. Topics range from bath and sleep, what to wear when you are breastfeeding and if you need to access your baby to the doctor.

New Demand has also updated regularly on topics of baby, information on what to expect from week to week for the first thirteen weeks, and even a rattle by shaking your phone must be activated.

2 Baby – Free published 19 December 2010 The Smiles Developer Factory GmbH src =

The developer of baby smiles on their parents same, a request that their own views and research on the first six months of parenthood summarizes created. This all theyve a useful resource for other young parents, with elements that capture the health and well-being of baby and mother, growth curves, food sample and sleep schedules, and a newspaper how your little changes from day to day.

One of the nicest features of the baby-smile is personalization. Enter your baby’s name, sex and date of birth of the first use of application and product, then you find your baby name and pronouns appropriate for both sexes. When opening the application again, you are greeted at the current age of your child throughout the day. Today tip: look in the mirror and face pulled together a lot of fun. Yes, indeed.

The third

baby food – 1.19; Day 6 July 2010; Developer clever Matrix Ltd.

Even if you three months, it might be awhile before your baby is ready to be connected to a formula or breast milk are weaned. However, if you feel like reading before this new phase of development of your baby, not messy, you can download the intelligent application of baby food Matrix.

While the exact beginning withdrawal of the first foods to your baby and it’s something your doctor or nurse to discuss community health, food for babies are a good overview of the types of foods you try sweet potatoes with apples and how each could of them can be converted into a purée baby-friendly. If you’re really planning ahead to Theres also a recipe for a Christmas meal mixture. I wonder if Brussels sprouts taste better when mixed


fourth-timers – 2.99; updated March 15, 2011, developer Michael Kohl. src =

When did you your baby and how long he slept and how many wet diapers she had today? If you are sleep deprived itself, it can be hard to remember the answers to these questions. With feeding baby timer, you can take the time to sleep and when they occur, and its vaccination liquidation, doctor visits, the activities of the day and a number of other baby-related data.

Although timer baby is not visually appealing application is easy to use. The recorded data can help you answer these questions When you have your baby, and the store 24 hours per week and average values ​​allow you to place regular patterns your baby in behavior and develop individual routine.

fifth Paperless: Guides + lists – 1.79; Updated February 4, 2011, developer James Rhoades.


A baby with a lot of things to repeat: change to feed, sleep there. But these daily tasks, there are always other things to a new parent-do list. For me, the list will be seeking approval, without paper, a way of recording what must be done around the house and take things slowly ticking point by point, if I have a minute Free.

There is no alarm or due dates here, so this is not a request to remind you of important appointments doctor or hospital, but it can keep your lists of to-dos for donations of books to bring to your newborn in one place and you feel that you still have a semblance of order in your life.

sixth Free Updates, 19 – December 2010 Facebook, Inc. Facebook Developer

This is the era of Facebook and as such, when a new baby claims Facebook photos fuse born. If you wish, you can use the Facebook iPhone application to share photos of your baby hours from the delivery room (assuming there is mobile reception) to use and see comments start to come from friends and family around the world.

These statements and periodic updates of the status of your contact list, can help new parents feel more connected, even if their duties do not worry baby leave much time for a social life. I know I have spent many food night surfing over to my new iPhone Facebook!

jailbreak for iphones list ten best applications for Facebook users

7 Free update, 9 – Skype in February 2011, the developers of Skype Ltd.

The Skype application lets you make free calls to other Skype users. This is enough power for new parents, when they see their economies slow eaten by sleep-suits and disposable diapers.

However, is the real benefit of Skype on the iPhone, that friends and family live far away, the access to the world your baby. The backup camera means that you face, you put your baby to take the computer to an uncle in Australia, his first smile to show. Instead of using Wi-Fi, you can use Skype to stream video live from the use or play station at the gym or elsewhere may be your baby.

eighth Sleep Baby Comforter – 1.79; Release day October 22, 2010; developer Nick Windsor.

youre a new parent, often said that babies need a lot of sleep. However, it sometimes seems that nobody on this information to your baby is older. It can take hours to sleep a child crying and then sell before you know they are awake again.

Everyone has advice how to clarify a baby: diapers, rocking power to sleep. You can also try to play soothing music or sounds they hear in the womb. While his may not be used as a substitute for the loving care of a person (the warning said), Comforter Baby Sleep is give you a range of sounds you can use to try to calm your baby: the wave of cleaner. In monitor mode, These sounds are triggered when the child cries, Lulling hope they go back to sleep.

ninth Gymboree Play & Music Baby – 1.79; updated January 13, 2011; Developer Weldon Owen Inc.

While having a newborn can be overwhelming and sometimes stressful, a lot of fun to see your child grow and develop. Gymboree Play & Music application is based on his book, Play & Learn. Share in 1001 activities of your baby and child care, new moms and dads with over 365 activities with their baby


These activities are sorted by the location of activities at home, traveling, eating out and so on and can also be filtered by the age of your child. For each activity It is also possible to save as favorites or for the benefit of knowing why your child’s development (after all, if you are advised to make faces at your baby when you’re in the supermarket, it is always good to know why).

The application also gives you the words and melodies for a number of pieces of baby, which is useful if, like me, sing a nursery rhyme to the reason since you were a child himself yourself, havent had.


Search Patterns Baby – 0.59 Day 9 February 2011; Developer Me and the Giants. src =

as it once was, our baby black and white patterns is fascinating. We have our share of black and white books, black and white on the wall near his bed, and a helium balloon in black White and his changing table.

Baby look, a number of iPhone applications that follow the same philosophy, using high-contrast images to see the 018 months, young people and can interact with. Research Model baby, for example, plays a slideshow of black and white patterns: squares and dots, triangles and squiggles. It is used for complex applications, I thought, ‘what is this? However, it seems really love our baby, change forms and is known to soothe if shes Füssing.

reached three months our baby in the sense of black and white, and I wonder how long it will take before have an iPhone of their own volition

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