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Tappi Bear All in 1 – Pack 2: Five finger challenges

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Graf Tappi Bears Rainbow Band


This is the second compilation of 2D games adorably Bear Tappi, published a year tracking the latest packaging.

2 Pack contains five new mini-games:

Tap Tap Spring : Press left and right on the bear-on-a-pogo-stick jumping from platform to platform platform to help you. Earn combos and earn bonus Donuts, but are currently on the board.

Rainbow Band : Run a band of colorful birds, using the numbers above their heads in the right order. Including, it may seem easy, but often find their desperate struggle for the next issue before time runs out.

Tappi Bubble : aim and shoot using his blistering Tappi Bear down on top of the screen. causes Connecting three or more bubbles of the same color, they disappear.

Donut Fever : Serve Donut different shapes, styles and trim icing impatiently for the needs of your customers. If you disappoint these three hungry bears, its game over.

Tap Tap Kick : In this game Keepy-uppy Tappi Bears. Tap on the football field to ensure it stays in the air, and again, press the donuts for bonus points.

How to play different games, win Game Center services, and virtual rooms that can be printed on wallpaper in Tappi Bear in the App Store gift.

Tappi Bear All in 1 is a fantastic view of the application, with its cute characters and animations. However, her game definitely those who want a quick diversion but strategically the race gaming experience I certainly am not listening to the person in the world, but most of my games have been less than a minute and when he arrived at the Tap Tap once, it was often less than 5 seconds! Thus, while individual games are fun, the real appeal is that you dip in and out of the five different games in one application.

Of course, you’ll soon be your favorite game (Tappi Bubble is mine). You will soon try to beat your best score. Your fingers fly across the screen of the iPhone, with the objective of the premium and Donuts cursing the mobile platforms. And you can even ask how I am when it will be a Tappi Bear Pack 3 released soon.

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