Topple: Loads Of Fun, Addictive And Just A Little Bit Silly


Tetris blocks had facial grimacing strange, and the game fell on the block structure, rather than deleting it, you will get. Purzel has a feeling of relaxation, the low gravity of your tower block and is sensitive to tilt your iPhone. Although the game starts cool, it rises in voltage, such as your tour will be bigger and less stable. Theres a standard level to unlock the free play mode and a brand new space mode, which requires a period of you. You can not ask much more of a free game.

Shape Builder: Little Kids Love This App

This app

your children for hours!

Wed adults see this puzzle in the form of construction and, thus, underwhelmed. We know what form before in. But under five crowd loves to perform.

The full page ad shows a simple form of a letter, figure, animal, or a shared responsibility. At first, it is fragmented, white with black lines. The pieces that fall in that direction around the object scattered. little fingers just touch a piece of the puzzle and drag it onto the form. If the room is too close to snake with its square in shape, it snaps into place with a satisfying sound. Each piece adds a little color and where all the pieces are there, the secret is revealed in its shape, color glory. Your little puzzle is also a female voice that announces the shape of the form will be rewarded, such as J, as in jumping or oboe accompanied by a real oboe playing some notes


small in the game are simple causal profit (eg, 18 months, or whenever you easily share your equipment, your child) are moving me, and something happened. In general, they realize they are actually learning at a time. have children of preschool age will of course make a game prediction, I think it will be a dinosaur and self-esteem increase, if correct.

are simple – but brilliant – little app has two brothers and sisters who are as much fun for children: Preschool Memory Match and exclusive iPad Drawing Pad

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Monday’s News Round Up: Big Trouble In Little Gmail!

Google team is busy, try to reset what has been missing in e-mails, themes, labels and headings for Gmail users to change;? It has only 0.29% of Gmailersare you one of the few affected unfortunate

images, iPhone (allegedly) 5 new, who said, in order to have a larger screen and a 4-inch smaller aperture, (border for you and me) were when his predecessorsgreat applications for gaming

Finally got the iPhone is a public appearance as an eccentric actor James Franco looked at his own screen while hosting the Oscars ! Now, with the super-chirpy Anne Hathaway as his co-host talking about far right next to him, who could blame him? What he was looking app? Post your comments!

Best iPhone Game? The Little Crane That Could

Finally, having inspired the age of three, you go to a big yellow car. The details may have been different – you can by a truck, perhaps dreaming of a tracker. Anyway, “the small crane could be” called each child inside a secret desire to control a machine of 10 tons.

The game immerses you in the driver’s seat, with seven different controls to use. Two are used for operating the crane -. the rest is for turning, rising, bending, extension or arm rings large crane

It starts

delicate, despite a relatively simple tutorial teaching. Stick with it though, and you will live the dream -. Dunking baskets of footballs, barging serious obstacles in the way and even parallel parking

Just as the train tank engine the game takes its name from “I think I can, I know I can do “attitude your skills to improve your times drop significantly, and increase your score.

are two dams that stop the game crane his five-star destination. First, the duration of life. There are only four steps to get started is available in six additional playable after a single 0.59 buy-in app.

Ten levels are very low, especially with the game of limited replay value – once you have solved a puzzle, you’ll probably just re A while ago

L ‘. on the other hand, the menu is terrible soundtrack. Really, it’s terrible. Make sure you have your sound.

If you still feel a need for control of huge machines, will be the best iPhone game ever. If you are a little too far, but you grew up a serious candidate, abandoned by his life. Nevertheless, for a maximum price of 0.59, what do you expect?