One Day Left Before Our Photo Competition Closes!!!

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id = “_mcePaste”> There is one more day left to go to enter our competition to an amazing value Powerskin case shock resistant to 80 attract dollars, while displaying an impressive picture you took with your iPhone on our Facebook page!

People have a fantastic iPhone Powerskin beautiful impact resistant 4 cases which effectively protects the battery and you can save up to 8 hours of talk time, is estimated at $ 79.99, this case Your iPhone is 4 solid protection against shocks and vibrations, and because of its impact-resistant silicone rubber housing.

All you have to do to win is more impressive than the picture you took with your iPhone post on our Facebook page, we’ll choose a winner next Wednesday and ship directly if you

Contact us

eighth you directly to your Facebook page, if you are involved, please click on the message that we need an answer within 24 hours to send your prize.

(Editor’s note: The image is burned car coming home, but do not worry!)

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1 day to go before competition closes

Tomorrow we’ll do a random drawing and announce the winners of the top super cool blue tooth speakers worth $ 149 To draw all you have to do on our Facebook page by clicking here below to join as.

Why should you our Facebook page? If you stay up to date with some of the more recent and remain outside, it becomes a big one. Our community continues to share their experiences and provide advice app.

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