iMommy: Teaching Kids How to Care for a Newborn

lunchtime virtual baby.

Wed As first time parents, I had a lot to learn after my baby was born.I had to find a way to change a diaper, take a bath time, a bouncer, put a jacket potato and pure small piece on a head not so small. Second time parents, I think, have sorted most of these. However, they have an added challenge that their older child sister.Developed for the arrival of a new brother or prepared by Kathleen Shimmield iPhone application iMommy wants to entertain older children and teach them how to deal with a new baby to interact.

you use, you are prompted to choose the sex and nationality of the child, and choose colors for eyes, hair and pajamas to open it. You can interact with your virtual baby in five different environments: the bedroom, kitchen, playroom, bathroom, and on the changing table. Pull the soap and shampoo on the baby in the bathtub, for example, appear, and soap bubbles. Use the jug of water to rinse, or let your child play with a small boat or rubber duck. Every interaction with a short animation and sound effects is rewarded (your virtual baby a little noise bed!). In addition to the radio for children, English songs, plays, there is no oral or written instructions for this application so that it is used by children of all nationalities.

is not a simulation game. Keep your baby learn. It will not age. It will require a new layer whenever the changing table. And indeed, when you restart your phone and iMommyagain open, you will be prompted to create a new baby.

However, as a teaching tool for children, it seems a very useful application. My five month old baby already seemed interested in the cartoon and the cries of my phone goes off and I’ll definitely make this request only if I use it in future.