Tethered Jailbreak 4.3.2 iPhone 4,3GS,iPod Touch 4 & iPad Redsn0w 0.9.6Rc12

PLEASE READ Redsn0w 0.9.6Rc12 For Windows & Mac blog.iphone-dev.org iPad 4.3.1 Firmware appldnld.apple.com iPhone 4 4.3.1 Firmware appldnld.apple.com iPhone 3Gs 4.3.1 Firmware appldnld.apple.com iPod Touch 4th Gen 4.3.1 Firmware appldnld.apple.com iPod Touch 3rd Gen 4.3.1 Firmware appldnld.apple.com For more updates follow me on twitter: twitter.com

AT&T Add an Extra 2GB to your iPhone’s DataPro Tethering Plan

According 9to5Mac

AT & T has decided to try yet another incentive to persuade and not to let their customers use them for other airlines. First, it was 1000 free minutes, is now an extra 2 GB of data added to your plan tethering DataPro.

as the text says, if you have a plan DataPro, no action is required and the price of your plan will not change. However, you can now enjoy an extra 2 GB of data!

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BeamOut 1.0.4 released for iOS – Addictive Action/Arcade Game

Games under the clouds today ‘ Today is happy to release 1.0.4 BeamOut, action addictive arcade game for iPhone, iPod touch, to proclaim. BeamOut is a fresh look at the tilt control and breakout as they are added together in a whole new experience. Have you always wanted to take control of small ball and the last block is stubborn? This is your chance.

In this fast-paced adventure will escape the players using UFOs, sheep controlled beautifully controlled 3D world represented by several levels. A team of friendly aliens while exploring an unknown planet was attacked, and they need help with a couple of valuable goods. Control your UFO with smooth and simple plan of action or D-Pad control, smash blocks and avoid enemies.

Toy Balls! Lite-ens Up – Release Free Version to the App Store

Application Development Studio, cazual Games announced today the launch ball game! Lite, a free version of its popular game for iPhone, iPod touch. small balls! Lite has 6 levels of the arcade original and intuitive gameplay, and physics.

game all starts in a universe in which wood and move the balls rolling. The goal is to provide easy, the player must save as many balls as possible by nesting before they hit the zapper electronic and grilled.

What makes this game is so hypnotic that while all small balls of the same size, they differ in their weight and elasticity. When they get there are unpredictable Collisions between balls, between the lever and hit the ball between the levers. The result is a ball toy dance classic, with a realistic dynamic, rotation, balancing, jumping, sliding, action and reaction. Each of the eight different balls played in convincing detail, allowing the viewer to enjoy their rotation and interaction.

The player has to drag as many balls of the same species as possible while navigating the levels obstacles, mazes and labyrinths. More channels to gain more points, successes and ranking coveted 3-star! The more balls instead, which are taller, making it a race against the Zapper!

Futuristic pong style action comes mobile Multipong

Studios Fingerlab a developers’ innovative mobile applications to develop games for the development of the mobile market, today announced a sale on Multipong that the game can see the reduced price of only $ 3.99 to $ 0.99 for a limited time only. Created for use on iPhone, iPod touch, which is on IOS 4.1 or later, an update emanation techniques Multipong multidirectional perhaps the most famous video game of all time, Pong. With well polished graphics, a variety of topics and the stadium capacity to enable dynamic online multiplayer action Multipong is currently available for download on the App Store for the low price of only $ 0.99 for a short period.

Multipong is his modern incarnation of this game like Arkanoid and Pong tried during their hay day. With ultra-modern design and a realistic physics engine by hand, this game offers players a gaming experience – though true to the spirit of classic arcade like – nothing less than perfection, using the full capabilities of iPhone and iPad provide an exciting gaming experience. Multipong supports up to four players on the IPAD and up to two players on the iPhone and iPod touch. The goal of the game itself is fairly simple, players protect opening stop at the end of the field and one of the many balls to go in the game and at the same time trying to score goals to their opponents . The simplicity of this mission could slightly misleading, though many obstacles, interactive bonuses and difficult terrain await players when they start their game