Tactical NAV iPhone app used to help destroy Taliban fighting position


tactic, an iPhone app weapons-grade U.S. Army Captain Jonathan J. Springer, an officer of the battalion fire support with the 101st Airborne Division created, has been used successfully in the struggle to destroy in order to help fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan’s eastern Kunar province position of Pakistan near the border.

troops patrolling a supply route main road toward an American base in the convoy, soldiers came under heavy machine gun fire against an enemy fighting position in the region. While the troops in contact, was a call for fire by the observer on the ground in front and launched tactical NAV has been used to direct artillery shells 120 mm mortar to help fight against the Taliban position. After the mortar shells were observed effect on the position of the Taliban, not all contacts with the enemy. No U.S. soldiers were wounded in the attack, and the horse patrol is back to complete their basic mission.

“This is exactly why I created tactical NAV,” said Springer, who is still in Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne Division in action. “I went to an inexpensive and accurate tool for the Warfighter to create commitment in the fight, and I am pleased to announce that it has known works.”

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