Stylish Sprint: Because running yourself is old-fashioned

Sprint elegant. What’s in a name? Everything in this case. Stylish Sprint is incredibly exciting game, Sonic the Hedgehog combined with Wario. If you’re familiar with this huge hits Nintendo arent imagine a jump Olympian on all platforms, smashing through brick walls if you can.

fast, action-packed game is full of surprises. With 8 different levels with different challenges per level, guaranteed fun for hours youre.

As if this were not enough face multiple levels, developers can develop equipment for your character, contributing to various parameters such as speed and jumping height.

part of this racing game and jumping others, the RHS is the beauty of the game itself. Each level has been carefully crafted and detailed, and it’s not just the look. The game has its most emblematic effects and music. A real cry of the day Playstation

Each stage includes a number of stars. The collection of a single color in a row to help the score multiplier, so you can earn more sp (the currency in the game). There are also several other power-ups along the way, that help give the game an extra dimension to the action.

The game itself is very well together, and the software Playus should be proud. The sound is breathtaking, and you’ll soon be able to pinch in disbelief at the price 0.59

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