Stuff (to do): Time to Tick Off Some Tasks

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What you do today?

Fri It was a time not so long ago, to do lists were posted in newspapers or on planning post-it next to the computer. Today (do) with iPhone applications like GOPrices your orders, you can list your most urgent tasks you to go wherever you wear.

Stuff () to do the basics are good. With a simple, easy to use interface that allows the use of a task and enter the date and time, as his due. You can get an alert to harass you or is it done if you prefer to delegate the task to someone else (clean bathroom, get food on the way home, etc.) you can send the information to be by SMS or email.

If you set the tags like study or work, or the name of the person you want to finish the job, you see all the items in each category. However, one category per task, so that the cleaning bath, unfortunately, can not you’re limited to two roommates and homemade.

Another restriction does not apply to new products added to the bottom of the list is sorted by due date instead. Maybe wouldnt be a problem if you had only one or two things to do, but if you have a long list, and scroll it was not regular, it may be too easy to forget an appointment to come .

The error in the final application is that there is no quick way to enter repetitive tasks. If you want a reminder of breakfast or taking a pill at a certain time each day, for example, give you the information again and again. Recurring Event If this feature is based on the iPhone built-in calendar to pay 1.79 for hard to justify an application without it. could

Overall, the current version of things (to do) seems a good start, but certainly do more developers to make a competitive choice. Until then, sticking with the free applications, and as a second option, a post-it.

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