Squabble 1.0 released for iOS – Fun, Addictive Online Word Game

Astronaut Group Retirement, LLC is pleased to announce a new set of words known as a hassle-free for IOS devices. Players compete in their minds and vocabulary in this game multiplayer online application. In Squabble, users create desperately longest word they in a short period. Each letter scores, but some letters are more valuable than others. With bonus rooms, players can double and triple letter points. The finale is a long-term secret, they can decipher for even more travelers.

Squabble is a social game that uses the networking capabilities of the iPhone, iPod, iPad device. Users can add Facebook friends to play with random opponents or online. “Play and Pass” mode allows users to play with a friend on a single device. Between rounds, players can chat with their opponents, or check the definitions of words played with the built-in dictionary. A strong system classification allows players to see how they relate to their friends and players around the world.

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