Spot Documents announces 5GB Free Cloud Storage Plan


documents, document system cloud storage to the Apple ecosystem, today announced the availability schedule of free storage to 5 GB Any type of file can be saved using the system to preview and full content search with iPad / iPhone, Mac and Web clients provide.

documents Spot solves a problem in today’s distributed enterprises where workers need access to documents and important files wherever they are. Cloud File Services while others are more focused on security or ad-hoc sharing of files – documents Spot for the main repository of files for a small business or large to be

According to Tom Anderson, founder: <. br /> “We managed to make managing an office, -. Finder Find similar experience for a preview of the file, and how your files look with full listings and compare the look with content brings a whole new level of ease of use of IPAD, and other customers.

All clients are free from the App Store for Apple Mac OS X and iPhone. only change can see that searches for users and the usefulness of the service – customers first read register a protest.

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