Splat It! 1.01 for iOS – Billiards/Paint Ball, Plus Lasers, Puzzle Game

Hitesh Patel

independent developers is pleased to announce today it Splat! 1.01 IOS, the puzzle game, players in a “ball” collision of walls and blocks, injections of blue balls on the challenges of the table. With four stages and 60 game levels, each level is a unique puzzle continues, must end. While maintaining a certain similarity with billiards, He Splat! includes many ingenious barriers (eg, spikes, blocks, laser) and assistants (eg, electromagnetic pulses, teleportation, defeat switch laser). The game requires patience and skill to place and shoot the ball so that the throw on the blue ball with the minimum number of shots and rebounds to earn maximum points. An immediate success, it has already collected more than 200,000 paid downloads.

How many classic games there Splat! from a very simple premise and slowly builds on it, go to a well thought out gameplay to play through all the first time. The premise is that the player can angle the cue-ball shot from the bottom of the rectangular table to control. The object is to hit, crush, and splashing each blue ball on the table. The game is played in portrait mode and all the balls are the same. Balls targets must be affected directly or indirectly, after the ball bounced off one or more walls or barriers. Finally, the white ball to splatter when it hits a wall or an obstacle to caroming three times because it loses 25% of its life at each bounce. A display of the thermometer horizontally into the top left shows a continuous life remaining.

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