Spindoku: A Fun Tweak to a Classic Puzzle

This tough Spin Doku Council has 16 poles, turn the power to solve the riddle, 34 rounds are needed, but the group and how often ? Levels of difficulty from easy to psychotic.

I like puzzles and games, but I must confess that I find mind numbing Sudoku. First, I’m busy, probably because each new mystery is, well, new. But for me, any subsequent development is a little different. It’s ridiculous, of course, but it’s just something about the large amount of numbers that I do not find attractive.

Now, do not spin Doku traditional Sudoku puzzles, and settings for players like me to call. Instead of each issue to fill every row and column space is all it takes to transform a small number of groups of numbers (or colors or symbols or letters) to find the solution. The game selects the spin cluster, all you have to do is the number of turns. Sounds easy, right?

documentation spin is easy to understand. But with more than 10,000 puzzle maps, four game modes and five levels of proficiency, almost nobody is going to play too easy. A new challenge is just a simple setting. Easy is easy? The qualification of experts in psychotic as well.

Some simple functions in the documentary spin to improve the gaming experience music (composed by Kevin MacLeod) is dramatic, reminiscent of an adventure movie (and is easily turned off). Each puzzle is a by-note, a minimum number of turns required to solve puzzles. You can have more turns, but this will reduce your score. And of course, if she has a score of a page of statistics, you will track your progress.

Documentary spin is a fun and light puzzle that I have to meet somewhere to pick up a playground, a lift and scale for each skill to challenge me.

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