Sheep Launcher: Hilarious and Utterly Pointless iPhone Game

Say what you like about animal rights, there is nothing cooler than a sheep in open space. I mean, the first living creature in space was a dog and he has his own statue in Moscow, Laika the statue, a little foolhardy, in my opinion, with a dog on a model rocket that was coffin Laika. But back to the sheep start. Sheep Launcher meets every adolescent male fantasies (no, not that one weirdo), and you can start a bleating sheep, pigs and frogs in the atmosphere, it sends and the more you type on your screen. During your trip, you can navigate through the stratosphere into manageable pieces, such as helium tanks, rockets and flying saucers to collect packs when you take a few stars along the way, your score will manage to increase. Players from around the world connect to the top 50 players on the site for the exchange of notes, so the next time you cross a sheep to heaven, think of the tip and the cool prizes will it take.

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