Shadow Era – iOS TCG Updated – Takes Multiple Platforms by Storm

Shadow Era, mobile games, digital collectible card of Wulven Game Studios on Ios began two months ago, and immediately received praise for beautiful presentation of the game and satisfying to play complex games. The game is now calling and execution has the perfect online multiplayer game cards to collect 750 000 players at this time. Each of these players will be pleased to note the updated game massive new.

The concept of the game is the fans of Magic: The Gathering and other popular collectible card offers. Fans will be delighted by Shadow Era varnish to play the game well designed and unique art of the card. While the game is still relatively new to the App Store, offers a full range Shadow era multiplayer online trading card game experience, which is also very popular collectible card games that were in play for a number of years rivals. With over 100 maps, 3D graphics and special effects, Game Center integration and epic soundtrack beautifully composed quickly TCG Shadow era of choice for users of IOS.

And with the game synchronized extension on the Android Market, and platform PC and Mac, Shadow Era to become the TCG digital choice for all adventure lovers. Shadow Era players keep their progress through the game, regardless of the platform of the moment. This “Freemium” allows players to offer as much (or little) as they like to invest, to enjoy the game – just like physical games of cards to collect. TouchArcade agreement, calling it “a fantastic presentation of what should be Freemium games.”

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