Saurik posts update on Cydia server problems


are serious problems with their service Amazon EC2, including many major Web sites such as Reddit, Four Square, guests and all back-end of our beloved Cydia. Because of these problems, users were not able to maintain their SHSH blobs, or buying packages paid.

Saurik succeeded in a small window where he could update the home page for users of Cydia update us how it all just got together. This is the message he wrote:


Amazon EC2, hosted Cydia internal website has been accused of extreme problems – 50 hours failure

impairs the ability to pay. buying products that manage the issue of center and account.

I (Saurik) in turn and a half hours sleep, it started to fail to keep a dialogue open with Amazon “Premium Support” on the subject.

Recently it has sufficient access to add me to the homepage of this message, retrieves the change.

Unfortunately, the state of Amazonas and ETA have been vague and confusing very optimistic about the experience, which makes me unable to make the right decisions for the recovery measures in case of disaster.

At this moment, the latest from the Amazon (an hour and a half) they work at full recovery, their bottleneck to the final volume of cases reconnection.

Meanwhile Premium Support Engineering was asked to prioritize recovery Cydia infrastructure.

Over the last five hours, Amazon has managed to finish the reconstruction and two more volumes of breaking Cydia did not work on a lockout reset volume index whole package.

(For those interested in this kind of thing: the same Amazon EC2 outage, the impact on other facilities, has like reddit and place.)

Sat We consider you updated as things unfold, but for now that’s all we can do is wait for Amazon to resolve their problems.

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