RecognizeMe: Facial Recognition Software for iPhone Released onto Cydia

Earlier, we reported that a request

face recognition has been in the works for iPhone. Originally, I was skeptical about whether it really was, but it seems that when he was released on Cydia for $ 6.99.

RecognizeMe uses the iPhone / iPod 4G 4 front facing camera for you to unlock your iPhone / iPod Touch with your face. You train the software to the application included in the download, see your face. Here is a video showing the application: class

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the RecognizeMe be downloaded for $ 6.99 BigBoss repo.

style p <= "text-align: Description: / p> blockquote style p <=" text-align: RecognizeMe is the first Face Detection for IOS. I recognize iOS works with all 4.x +, and based on the screen lock code. RecognizeMe uses the front facing camera on theiPhone4 iPod 4G / (well, it works well with 2 theiPad ajailbreakis if ever found!) Train single application included, so you have even light on your face, you configure a lockscreen password and you're good to go! Thresholds for the test is adjustable, and you can add / remove groups biometric anytime. (I think 3 sets of optimal, even with the light on the faces below, environmental conditions, and light)

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