Play a Prank on April Fool’s Day with the iPhone App, Dude, Your Car!

In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, Mobilaga, iPhone Application Development Group, announced today an update to its application, Dude, your car! This request is for pranksters looking for some fun April Fools, now with more than 100 types of damages. With Dude, your car!, IPhone users can take pictures of cars and improve bumps, scratches, fire, wheels and boots windows broken. Users can also create your own custom types of damage. Imagine moving to a friend a photo of his car in the smoke and firefighters trying to extinguish the fire. This is one of the possibilities of this new update.

In addition to the damage types, users can now add fire and firefighters, their string to make pictures more interesting. Improvements in size and changed to fit the car, then the photos will be affected easily share with friends via email, social networks or other sources of photo sharing.

“We do not want our fans on this April Fool’s Day to all the positive feedback we disappoint all of last year,” said Alex von Mobilaga. “We hope it brings a lot of laughter, are all the jokers, and they are not in too much trouble! Last year was a message to the anchor” Good Day, Sacramento “almost left after the show his colleague showed him a clip of her “damaged” car as part of its ongoing news coverage. “

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