PDF 1.6.7 for iOS – View Oversize and Multi-Page PDF Documents Easily

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pleased to announce PDF IOS 1.6.7, an update to the document viewing application that can display the user’s size and large multi-page PDF document easily. The application uses a proprietary technology to convert large documents can opener and pre-rendering for smooth scrolling and zooming. In addition to PDF files of thousands of pages that can easily handle PDF 1.6.7 Paper sizes larger than 44 x 44 cm. The application includes download the selection of connectivity and can not open PDF files locally in applications such as mail, books, etc., especially for advanced slowdowns and crashes prevent stored iOS when viewing large PDF files on a device, the latest update, PDF 1.6. 7, provides a space for a single page of over 7,200 square inches, and includes the new 2.0 version of the renderer.

PDF PDF allows multi-page display and oversized first import of all files in the storage area. Once imported, the file undergoes single pre-made, that the new document-level so that they optically correct and provide the best possible when viewing a multipage document guaranteed. The user can open documents in PDF by drag & drop into iTunes and “Open …” books, or a combo account. PDF does not open documents from other applications.

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