Off Remote 3.0 for iOS – Turn it Off

Hobbyist Software Announces Off Remote 3.0 for IOS, an update to the popular demand that gives users remote control of power states on the PC or Mac. Users can turn off, log, lock, sleep and restart your computer remotely. Applications include turning off the computer at work from the sofa to lounge and outside, the blocking time of the Kid’s Computer screen to prevent excessive. can

Version 3.0 provides a timer that triggered the latest work up to 24 hours. This allows users of your computer is turned off automatically after completing a task as a download or upload, or the computer automatically after a certain period, like a child at bedtime.

The version 3.0 also improves the connection between the application and the device for easy installation and operation of the application and makes other technical users, computers and servers from outside their network local control.

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