Nora’s Socks: It’s All Fingers And Toes!

In our house, it seems a constant struggle to keep socks in pairs. They disappear in the laundry basket into the washing machine on the line at the back of the sofa, so we have a huge pile of mismatched socks. IPhone Flip23 this game, with problems Sock Nora. Your socks are fallen from heaven, and you must help to catch them before they lost at the end of tall grass.

The game is simple. Nora Pull your finger at the bottom of the screen so they can make socks in her basket. Each sock is worth 10 points. Miss five socks and the game is over. Nora will have to explain to her husband, hes why only have odd socks to work tomorrow

Despite the simplicity of the games, there are some errors in its execution. For starters, there is little skill always involved a high score. My best attempt was to rub my finger back and forth quickly across the screen throughout the game, instead of socks carefully with the snake basket. Besides, if I take my finger across the screen randomly, then Nora stuck sometimes forces me to watch with horror the missing socks, while I was trying desperately to move again.

get in the top right corner of the screen, theres a countdown called miss. It’s not really how many socks have you missed it, but how much more you can miss before the end of the game.

These problems and the fact that you are only trying to better your own scores, no competition with other players, means that fell my socks Nora regular playlist after only a few games. Then, like an old sock, it disappeared in all my other applications, and was seemingly lost forever.

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