Monsterz Revenge and Why Not to Get it!

So, ladies and gentlemen, I can get on the App train almost every game, I’m a gamer myself (I played Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo and I always beat!) But now that games have changed in the applications, I am learning. I had the chance to try to use an application for you, and I could see what was the new game Astro Ape Studios, and I must say I was underwhelmed. It’s actually a game I thought to look pretty, super funny and I could not for the life of me understand. It is easy to navigate not only extremely difficult, but once you start browsing through it, it changes a little.

I’ve played this game for an hour just to test it and make sure that I’m acclimated and still with him, I am nowhere. So what’s the fuss? What do you have? So guys, it is essentially Cafe world on Facebook, but as monsters. You are a Zombie, Frankenstein, of course, until you unlock and you must put food on the stove and serve when it is made. Food can be anywhere from 3 minutes to 1 hour early.

This is not what you want, but there are mini-games! The mini-games are fun, but I have to play the association game where you must put the lightning and Frankenstein together again, but overall I was underwhelmed and it’s scary.

However, I gave him a two star rating because it is free, it can be fun if you get the hang of it and the graphics are wicked cute!

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