Mario Ducks 1.2 App for iPhone – Classic Duck Hunt Game with a New Spin

property, dass 1Tucan, developers of Mario Ducks, has a nostalgic product for iPhone, iPod touch users free. Users who are loved by Duck Hunt Nintendo classic will recognize the fun and the challenge presented in Ducks Mario. This application uses the same concept, but playing in a more modern form. Mario ducks have better graphics and modern still laugh Duck Hunt dog has been replaced by a funny, sarcastic monkeys. Something else is new in ducks in Mario World Rankings, where players can compete for placement.

Ducks Mario immediately bring back memories to those who played Nintendo Duck Hunt in the 80s. Players sit in front of their televisions, waiting for ducks flying out of the bushes to take a gun then put plastic on the screen. When the players went straight and with enough speed to hit the duck would be a pop funny bush dog a sign saying something nice. However, if it was a bad shot and I got the duck, the dog laughed at the misfortune of the player.


everything was good, but the addictive fun those days are long gone and few people, even for old Nintendo game. With the Ducks Mario new application, the user will be able to play the classic game is back with a box is not even necessary.

Mario Ducks application has taken all the best features of Duck Hunt and modernized their iDevices on this job. Players are still able to distinguish between a duck and two games, but now, instead of using a toy gun is a finger pointing a weapon. Users simply trying to draw directly from the tap at a duck.

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