Keyboard 2 Revolutionizes the iPhone Keyboard

Valley Independent developers Shumski now pleased to announce the official launch of the keyboard 2, its new application for iPhone, iPod touch. The utility has already proved extremely popular. Provides a full screen keyboard 2 keyboard with buttons double in size to send text messages and communication easier.

The keyboard has a provision ABC and digital characters with the most common punctuation on the keyboard. Users can configure for ease of use. Figures in a typical keyboard layout that includes all the characters presented. The keyboard is semi-transparent and content are displayed behind the keys. Users can adjust the transparency of the keyboard, text color, font size and color key to a variety of personal preferences.

Keyboard 2 allows users to capture content before posting a variety of platforms. After the contents are entered, users can access their Facebook account, send SMS and e-mail and Google it. Users can copy to clipboard and use it elsewhere. The application is compatible with third-party applications. Keyboard 2 contains a multi-tasking, allowing users to easily switch between applications and use the keyboard to Twitter Super, Awesome notes, things to do and similar functions.

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