jailbreak and unlock iphone 2G FW 3.0 (windows)

This is instraction how to unlock and jailbreak iphone 2G with the new FW 3.0. Note when you want to download you should use Fire fox otherwise you will have problem with iphone FW and also you should be bale to download torrent because the redsnow is a torrent file.. I hope this video can be helpful for you and if you like it please rate my videos and leave your good comments as well as subscribe for futher news and update. downloads REDSNOW torrents.thepiratebay.org Iphone FW 3.0 www.iclarified.com the above link you download second from the bottom. bootloaders. BL-3.9 bin iphonefreakz.com BL-46 bin iphonefreakz.com

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