iVideoCamera:Never miss a moment!

Wed Life is full of unexpected and unplanned moments that we all face. The key is to capture these moments and once again captures our beloved iPhone App help.iVideoCamera iVideoCamera saves and these great moments and turns them into memories you can store and share.

This is a great application for registration of a film that saves automatically added to the request. This is a fantastic feature because it records the date, time sequences and the size of each image and allows you to rename and divide each video. Therefore, all your videos organized and stored together. The share have a wide range of options from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Email and much more! There is also a Wi-option plan, which is a useful adjunct in the transfer of large image files via a wireless connection.

A characteristic of this fantastic visual application is free has consequences that you can include on every shot. Some favorites are the effects of falling snow effect, shine, heat and water, live breaking news banners and tickers on the screen that can be individually adapted to the videotape. These effects give a twist to all the videos and make them interesting and entertaining! There are also other effects that you can buy. The zoom option is perfect for the iPhone, and just double-tap the screen to zoom in and during recording. The zoom modes include x2 and x4, which is a fairly close, then again, no zoom.

This application offers good sound and video quality and is a practical and tangible for those unexpected moments in life that you capture and share. The application allows you to record from first contact to start if you do not have to worry about missing any. Just to make sure you have enough space on your iPhone and use of high / low resolution functionality, which could accelerate the download and transfer times.

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