iPhone 4 Jailbreak

Jailbreak is Released!!!: www.youtube.com The iPhone 4 has been Jailbroken! According to the iPhone Dev Team, specifically, the members codenamed “Comex” and “Musclenerd”, the iPhone 4 has been exploited along with all of the apple devices to be jailbroken on iOS 4! The release date is still undetermined, but expect the jailbreak to come out in the coming weeks, specifically, when the next iOS 4 update comes out to patch the iPhone 4 “Death Grip” issues. The reason the jailbreak has not been released yet is that the iPhone Dev Team knows that Apple is fixing the iPhone’s reception issues, and if they released the jailbreak now, Apple may patch it with their next update. Therefore, the jailbreak will be released soon–the Dev Team is waiting. All Links from the video are below. If this helped you out in any way, please subscribe, so you don’t miss future updates! Also, please give this video a thumbs up! I recently reached 300 subs, and I love all you guys! Thanks for watching! I will catch you in the next video. Spirit Jailbreak Video: tinyurl.com iPhone “Death Grip”: tinyurl.com Original Article: tinyurl.com Spirit Jailbreak: spiritjb.com Visit my Blog!: www.themacintoshreview.com Follow Me on Twitter!: www.twitter.com Thanks!

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