iPhone 4 Battery Case – Fusion Case is Lightest on the Market

Nelson Technologies, LLC announced the introduction of the SaFPWR (R) battery for iPhone, proudly called Fusion. If the merger event is the thinnest, lightest and longest of its kind 4 iPhone Battery If the merger is an ultra-slim ultra-light, ultra-slim case and long battery life for the duration of your iPhone 4 doubles.

The iPhone battery pack 4 cases also protects your iPhone from casual wear with a low-profile design that you keep the original look of your iPhone’s unique technology allows fourth SaFPWR that as a product produced very reliable load your iPhone 4, while on the road. Promising up to 42 additional hours of audio play 11 additional hours of video and 2 days more to protect the whole term

batteries SaFPWR smartphones and short circuits, overloading and deep discharging through to use its own integrated technology. “Our product range offers a superior combination of fashion and function,” said Nelson, founder of Nelson Technologies, LLC. If the merger has a design aesthetic that does not compromise the sleek, attractive appearance Apple is known. “

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