iPad Spirit Jailbreak OS 3.2 iPhone Untethered 3.1.3 Jailbreak

The first iPad jailbreak, Spirit was released May 2nd. This video will show you how to successfully jailbreak your iPad and install Cydia. Jailbreaking is very easy with the Spirit tool, it works with PC and Mac, the install is similar on both platforms. iPad Jailbroken in video: 64GB WiFi This jailbreaks all devices, including the iPad, iPhone 3GS, and the MC models, on 3.1.2, 3.1.3, and 3.2. This Jailbreak is untethered, and is extremely easy to use. This works on the newest iTunes versions, and it also works on the iPad. Song: Armo Kè – Time For a Cruise youtube.com/ArmoDgha Download Spirit: spiritjb.com Music: www.youtube.com Thanks to BigBoss, chpwn, chronic, MuscleNerd, OPK, planetbeing, pod2g, posixninja, saurik, westbaer, and anyone else whose name I have forgotten, for various contributions. Windows install instructions: 1. Restore your iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad 2. Download the program from here: spiritjb.com 3. Plug in your device 4. FOR WINDOWS USERS: Right-Click on the program, select “Compatibility”, and make sure it is in “Windows 98/ME” mode 5. Open the program 6. Click Jailbreak 7. Wait for your device to boot.

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