iPad 2 Jailbreak News

With the iPad 2 out, many people are already waiting for a jailbreak to come out, and in this video, I talk about the iPad 2 jailbreak. So, there are 3 different groups we could see a jailbreak from, although some are more likely than others to have theirs out soon. So, first off is Comex. While he has already made the iPad 2 jailbreak with Jailbreak Me 3.0, we don’t know when he will release this jailbreak. His jailbreak could come any time really, I suggest following him on Twitter, here, twiiter.com Another individual has a jailbreak as well, this one a bootrom exploit. A bootrom exploit means that Apple cannot patch the jailbreak with software alone. To totally fix the hole, they need to change hardware, and for that GeoHot is waiting for the iPhone 5, which we anticipate will have an A5 chip, so that Apple can’t patch the iPhone 5’s. And finally, the Chronic Dev Team. The Chronic Dev Team was behind greenpois0n, and is likely to release an update to work on the iPad 2 and all other devices. This will allow people to jailbreak, most likely on 4.3.2. I would stay tuned to my channel for the latest jailbreak news, but it’s your choice!

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