iOS 4.3.3 to be released in next 2 weeks

Boy Genius Report claimed, received an unprecedented build the next Firmware 4.3.3 iOS, and from there were able to derive new features in the firmware, including a solution for “door location.

The history of the location was a door file was found on the iPhone, which contained the details of your iPhone in different places, in other words, your iPhone has been monitoring and storage of your location. Apple said it was a bug in the software, rather than having something malicious and therefore fixed in IOS 4.3.3.

The full list of changes:

  • The update will not return to the location of the iTunes database.
  • The size of the database of the site will be reduced.
  • The situation here is completely removed when location services are off.
  • improved battery life.
  • Fixed bug
  • iPod.
  • [Engadget]

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