iOS 4.3.2 to be released next week? Time to backup your SHSH blobs!

style p <= "text-align: According to one of Boy Genius Report mole inside Apple, Apple released an update for the IOS on some bugs and a security issue at planning, the pirates who have attained Pwn2Own Hacker Conference.

style p <= "text-align: The Pwn2Own, hackers, find a position to clear all contacts from your iPhone, simply by manipulating the user to a site specific level.

style p <= "text-align: Currently, the iPhone Dev Team releases PwnageTool and iH8sn0w redsn0w and has a version Sn0wbreeze, the latest firmare IOS 4.3.1 jailbreak. This update will probably fix the exploit used to jailbreak, so therefore it is important to back up your blobs SHSH IOS 4.3.1, so you can restore the firmware from Apple, after stopping sigining firmware. When Apple stop a firmware installation You can not unless you have registered your blobs SHSH.

style p <= "text-align: SHSH blobs to save, or you iSHSHit TinyUmbrella or to save them.

left;”> Once the update is released to jailbreak and unlock

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